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ELF and intelligibility: challenges in and on the way

Professor Sávio Siqueira talks about the relationship between ELF and Intelligibility, giving an overview of ELF studies over the past years. He also discusses how ELF is presented in the BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular) and the challenges in and on the way.


A presentation in SolinEnglish and Other Languages Online Event (August 24, 2020)

TV Sala - Sávio Siqueira

Professor Sávio Siqueira talks about the role of English language in the world nowadays: a lingua franca, an international communication language, and how to educate English teachers in face of this reality.

An interview given to TV Sala.

5-min definitions for teachers in a hurry: ELF AWARENESS 

In his channel, Prof. Nicos Sifakis focuses on discussing issues and concerns related to the teaching of English as a so-called "foreign" language. The channel aims to enhance the interaction of viewpoints and experiences with English language teachers around the world.

Jennifer Jenkins - An introduction to English as a Lingua Franca

Professor Jennifer Jenkins talks to ELFpron about her current work in multilingualism and explains the background to how she became interested in this area.

ROBIN WALKER: 'Pronunciation Matters - re-thinking goals, priorities and models


Reese Witherspoon,
Sofia Vergara and Ellen
The Pink Panther - Inspector Clouseau Learning English
Joel Santana giving an interview!
This is an interview given by Joel Santana, an experienced Brazilian coach, who was resposible for training the South African soccer team in the years of 2008 and 2009. Even though he was already widely known in Brazil at the time, Joel Santana's popularity increased significantly after his post match interviews, in which he strove to convey messages in English. Due to the "lack of accuracy" in the use of the standard model of the English language, the Brazilian coach's speeches were seen as a mere mockery by millions of Brazilian soccer fans. What would you say about this? As far as I could see, despite all the "innovations" that came about through the interference of his first language, Joel Santana could indeed say what he had to say.
The Italian man who went to Malta
Anderson's English (Brazilian footballer)
Here's Anderson, a young Brazilian soccer player with Manchester United, granting an interview in English. He's recently moved to Britain. Because of what people would label Anderson's "Engrish", jokes on his accent and traces of L1 use as a compensatory strategy abound on the internet. What do you think?
"You never know when you'll need English."
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